Children In Worship

We believe that children learn by modeling others and by practicing what they learn. We also know that by the age of 12, children model their behavior after their peers instead of their parents. Because of this, we believe that it is more beneficial for grade school aged children to be present in worship with adults than to participate in a children’s church program during the worship service. Besides, children are a vital part of the community of faith!

We don’t just want children present during worship, we take seriously our job to model authentic worship for them and to teach them how to worship. Our pamphlet “Big Enough for Big Church” (coming soon!) offers some tips for helping children engage in worship.

Each week, one element of our worship service is A Time with Our Children, where children learn Bible stories and teachings in an age-appropriate way. Children often lead in worship as acolytes, scripture readers, and by participating in the children’s choir. Children, of course, are encouraged to voice their concerns whenever we ask for prayer requests. We do know that it is difficult for most children to sit for an hour, so we do help out by providing children with worship activity bags, which contain crayons and coloring pages that relate to worship and Sunday School themes.

While we do provide childcare for children ages birth-5 in our nursery, parents are welcome to keep their infants in worship with them, if they prefer. We also have a Cry Room in the back of the sanctuary, which is equipped with a rocking chair and some toys. Learn more about our youth and children program