Special Services

At Commonwealth Baptist Church, in addition to the regular Sunday worship service, we offer a variety of special services throughout the year to observe Christian holidays. We welcome you to join us in worship on the following holy days:

Ash Wednesday. Pastors Robin and Marty administer ashes to parishioners as we prepare for the season of Lent. CBC does not require participation in Lent but does provide resources and ideas for those who wish to observe it.

Maundy Thursday. We mark the official beginning of Easter, remembering the Last Supper with a soup dinner followed by communion.

Good Friday. The CBC tradition is to hold a Friday-evening Tenabrae service, in which we read the story of the Jesus’ passion and crucifixion while extinguishing candles along the way. The service ends in darkness while members of the choir sing an a cappella hymn. This is a simple yet meaningful service that allows for quiet reflection as we approach Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday. Christ has Risen! We celebrate with a pancake breakfast followed by a joyful morning service and, last but not least, the annual Easter-egg hunt on the church playground.

Blue Christmas. Each year, we hold a weekday evening service for those who may be experiencing pain or sadness during the Christmas season and would like the opportunity to observe it in a quiet and more personal way.

Christmas Eve. This service is one of the warmest of the year, as we read the Christmas story, sing hymns, and light candles at the end of the service. It’s also one of the most fun, as we also sing merry Christmas carols and many in the congregation arrive in their pajamas!