What We Believe

What Kind of Baptist is CBC?

Commonwealth Baptist Church is made up of people at different places in their faith journey. We come from different traditions and backgrounds. Some have been believers for decades, some are new to the faith, and others are just beginning to explore who Jesus is. We value our diversity and believe that it enriches us all. We are a safe place to ask questions, debate, and even disagree. The statements below will give you a sense of our core values that guide us as Commonwealth Baptist Church.

Mission Statement

Commonwealth Baptist Church is a progressive community of faith that is open, welcoming, and affirming of all people in our worship and mission. We are a loving Christian fellowship that seeks peace and justice, equips ourselves and others for service, and seeks to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the greater community through radical acts of hospitality and uncommon compassion.

Guiding Principles

  • We seek to love the Lord God with all of our being.
  • We strive to love and accept all people unconditionally.
  • Every participant in our church is called to be a minister, missionary, and servant-leader.
  • Prayer is our source of wisdom, strength, and intimacy with God.
  • The Bible is inspired and the sole authority for the faith and practice of Commonwealth Baptist Church. Every believer has the ability to interpret scripture through the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
  • Stewardship requires the faithful use of our time, talents, and treasures.
  • Believer's baptism is a symbol of our commitment and relationship to Jesus and the Church.
  • Our local church is autonomous and self-governed.
  • The separation of church and state is good for both.

Church Covenant

I unreservedly affirm my commitment to Christ as Lord and to this local expression of His Church, Commonwealth Baptist, whose function is to glorify God in adoration, fellowship and sacrificial services as His missionary in the world.

I shall seek to bring every phase of my life under the Lordship of Christ, pledge Him priority in all the affairs of my life, and shall seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

I wholly commit myself to becoming an informed, mature Christian. I shall regularly engage in corporate, family, and private worship, prayer, and Bible study.

I believe that God is the total owner of my life and resources and shall seek to use them under His direction. As evidence of my stewardship, I shall give the first proportion of my time, money, and ability through this local expression of the Church.

I shall seek to understand and be understood by all fellow Christians and practice Christian love in all my relationships.

I shall earnestly endeavor to influence others; regardless of race, gender, sexuality, nationality, economic, cultural, or social level, to Christian commitment and growth towards Christian maturity.

Your First Visit

  • All are welcome, no exceptions! No need to dress up or give money.
  • Click here for driving directions. We have plenty of parking.
  • Bring the kids! We are family friendly and offer professional childcare.
“You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”
- Matthew, 12:31